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Rose quartz candle: Create a space of vibrational solace and intention with the properties of the Amethyst crystal, infused by only the best Vegan friendly scents, supported in a blend of natural Soy & Coconut wax. Each crystal infused candle includes a specialised Mantra the team at Cleanse & Co have created to hold the space for you as you immerse yourself in the goodness of these magical creations. 400g approx. 70 hour burn time if candle care is followed.

New moon bath soak: Intention Ritual Soak “In this body of water under the new moon, I release and replace suffering, judgment & doubt with my new desires, goals & loving intentions.” Ingredients: citrine, dead sea salt, lemon peel, lemongrass oil, chrysanthemum & chamomile flowers.

Self love tea: Your daily dose of self-love in a warm mug. Allow this organic, loose-leaf intention tea to serve as a reminder that you are worthy of all you desire. Sit down, relax and embrace the space this tea creates. Ingredients: White tea, natural lychee, rose petals, natural vanilla. Directions: Place a teaspoon of loose leaf tea into a tea strainer and brew in boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Sit down and embrace the space this tea creates. 50-60 Serves | 150G

Raspberry chocolate bar: Combining this robust red fruit with our 67% Peruvian chocolate just doubled your hit of antioxidants! You might just need to remove the seeds between your teeth once you’re done eating. Ingredients: Raw Cacao 65% (Nibs, Butter)*, Coconut Sugar*, Toasted Coconut*, Himalayan Salt *Certified Organic Peanuts & Treenuts may be present

Rose soap bar: French Red Clay is full of silica and trace minerals and is used to maintain an even textured skin, as well as improving skin elasticity (plus it makes the nicest shade of pink without the use of artificial colours!)The scent of this bar comes from Rose Geranium essential oil, which has a very pleasant and uplifting aroma and has been shown to reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin. Sweet almond oil is added for its skin nourishing benefits as it is high in vitamin E, which helps to keep skin cells healthy and retain moisture. This bar also works beautifully as a face bar.

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